Jamaican Curry Chicken Recipe

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What you lot current of air upward alongside is a dish that starts alongside some measure Jamaican flavours at the really get-go seize alongside teeth in addition to is followed upward alongside a few fantastic South Asian heat. Jamaican dishes are extremely hot in addition to spicy. There are lots of other Jamaican dishes that you lot mightiness too take away to try.


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Jamaican Curry Chicken is rich, spicy in addition to hearty alongside dandy flavor. Jamaican Curry Chicken is i of the favorite dishes of Jamaicans. If you lot are looking for the existent Jamaican-style curry chicken effort this easy-to-follow recipe


•6 lb chicken

•4 Tbspcurry powder

•4 medium onions

•10 sprig(s) thyme

•10 clovegarlic

•2 tsp allspice, ground

•2 tsp dark pepper

•4 tsp salt

•lemon or lime juice

•2 small-scale potatoes, diced

•2 c water

•vegetable crude oil for cooking

How to Make Jamaican Curry Chicken Recipe

Clean, skin, in addition to cutting chicken inward small-scale pieces, in addition to thus launder alongside lime or lemon juice.

Drain, flavor alongside curry, onion, thyme, garlic, allspice (pimento), dark peppers, tabular array salt in addition to permit marinate for awhile.

TIP: Set aside onion, thyme, garlic in addition to allspice for a 2nd seasoning piece cooking.

In a skillet pour virtually iii tablespoon of oil. Let crude oil heat.

Add the chicken & seasoning.

Lightly chocolate-brown the chicken & seasoning for 5-7 minutes inward the skillet.

Add H2O in addition to scotch bonnet pepper. Let ready for 25 minutes or until done.

Add the 2d seasoning five minutes earlier turning off the heat.

Serve over white rice in addition to savour delicious Jamaican Curry Chicken!